Bonnke Bonnke – Raising the temperature over miracles

Dark, me again! Barbados is in the election mode so I have a lot to say.

You never bothered yourself with politicians except to tell them, “talk to Jack, he ain’t got nothing else to do but ‘tend to de cow but I have to cook, wash, starch and iron,” so I’m going to his grave and pick a serious lime.

Dad, politics and religion, two of your favourite subjects have me perplexed. Some people say I should shut my mouth on this one. It is, however, in my heart and thoughts, and years ago when Darkey sent me to be a candidate so I could confirm those vows which my godparents made for me as a baby, the priest was adamant that we internalise that we sin in thought, word and deed.

I’ve not forgotten it, perhaps because I hate lashes and the priest was swift at using his thick brown leather belt. That is beside my main point though, I only brought that up to emphasise that if what I am saying is a sin or blasphemy, God knows my thoughts before I voice them, so he has already ticked off this one against me. So I am speaking my mind.

I pray as usual for discernment – in other words, knowledge from God’s revelation through the Holy Spirit rather from merely through the human mind – and wisdom because when I hear that Democratic Labour Party Government Senator Pastor Dr. David Durant is bringing international evangelist Reinhard Bonnke , who can ‘raise the dead,’ to my Barbados, I doubt that. Not that he is coming for an Interdenominational Service of Spiritual Upliftment call “Encountering the Power of God”, but the raise the dead bit.

Why a man who could raise the dead?

Barbados overpopulated already but I’m sure everybody got someone near to their heart, they want to see now. Dad I got you, Darkie, Brownskin, Momma, Monica, Motz even before I start to mention friends and those who have unfinished business here, so you see what I mean. But let me give you the politics-mix.

Barbados' Prime Minister Freundel Stuart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Late David John Howard Thompson, Prime Minister of Barbados

Honestly, with elections in Barbados around the corner and people saying that Freundel Stuart isn’t the right man for ‘prime ministership ‘ I wonder about the timing of this preacher’s visit. I know Barbadians still mourning the late David Thompson, who died in office, and many wish he was here so he could make the economy blossom given his ‘unfulfilled potential’.

So I am wondering if Durant, Thompson’s friend is bringing in the preacher hoping Thompson can be raised from the dead. That is not farfetched, Dad so don’t rebuke me for speaking up. I know that you were a hell and brimstone preacher, Elder Cossey to be exact, at Sister Gay hall so tell me if I am blaspheming and don’t let no curse fall on me.

I am speaking against the background of a priest who during Thompson’s illness uttered words that reminded me of when the devil took Jesus to the highest point of the temple and told him to jump, Matthew 4:5-7, hope I got that Scripture right.

Listen to what the Nation newspaper say Senator Pastor Dr. Durant said:

“We have lost two prime ministers in office, Errol Barrow in 1987 and Tom Adams in 1985. The same will not happen under our watch. The Prime Minister will be okay. He will be well. God is in charge. He is our healer.”

I read more than confidence or deep faith in those words, I read arrogance.

Now, I add that Durant’s school of thought with his summing up of the reason for Bonnke’s visit which by the way has a political ring and I concluded that Durant is perhaps thinking that WE MAY SEE Thompson soon.  Hear what the pastor said about Bonnke’s visit:

All in all, we want to see revival in our island … with our economy, our tourism, our manufacturing, our businesses. Our citizens can enjoy better family life and Barbados can be a preferred place to live, to work to raise our families, to do business, to educate our children and to be a place where we connect since God has established us and placed us in a particular geographical location.”

I am serious about my analysis, this is no laughing matter.

If Thompson comes we will be assured a DLP victory. Even I who plan not to vote this time around will go the polls and put my ‘x’ next to the DLP , correction Michael Lashley’s name. Dad, he is Bush-un and Elrita (Mason) boy and he running, he is Minister of Housing and a lawyer, by profession.

Dad, I believe in miracles too. I’ve been unemployed or underemployed for eight years now and never hungry one day that is a miracle in this uncaring materialistic world. I even have to share, so Dad, you know I have had miracles, so I am no Thomas. But this promotional ‘raise the dead’ message attached to Bonnke smells awkward. Perhaps God’s power is too great for my analytical human mind; perhaps the emphasis was misplaced and I should rely on the message and not the messenger.

I wondered why Bonnke’s exploits never reach the international media. I have read about the Brazilian boy that woke up from dead , the Paraguayan baby died and re-died , the Brazilian man who attended his own funeral and the Russia woman who died at her own funeral , so I know these things reach the Press.

I found this on the internet at Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) site  Let me read it for you and then we’ll discuss it with those stories that I earlier told you in mind.

ROBERTSON: I want you to tell us about him. He was in one of your meetings. He was hit by a car. I understand he was stiff and rigor mortis had set in. I don’t know if they had embalmed him or not.

BONNKE: They did.

ROBERTSON: He had been embalmed?

ROBERTSON: So what happened?

BONNKE: His wife was one with a promise from God that woman have received back the dead by resurrection. She said, ‘My husband will come back, and I have heard Reinhard Bonnke is in Onitsha this Sunday I will bring him there. She brought him there. I was preaching and I knew nothing about it. Suddenly, the man started to breathe. His story is awesome and what he was shown while he was in eternity.

So Dad, tell me what to do now. Should I change my mind about this Bonnke thing; should I go to the convention; change denomination; give my never-married mite to CBN? Say something, Dad! Whoever else can hear me, Say something!!

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