Hello world!


Writers block; just didn’t care; who knows why I stop writing? But I know I am restarting and a blog was the right avenue; a welcomed diving board. I can write anything here, no editor pigeon-holing me into merely business or economics issues; no editor constraining my creative juices just normal rules of decency, respect and law as my watch dogs. I don’t worry about them; they know I will double check when they give a warning bark.

I want to tell the world about my Caribbean; about its culture; its economic and social conditions; its West Indian sportsmen and women. I want to share my love for Barbados with my words; my love that transcend our idiosyncrasies; our dull moments and our errors; a love that translates  into pride during our glorious moments; a love that never dulls. As my grandmother would say a love that no one can turn down under a corn jar.

Welcome to my space;  comment on my outpourings.



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