Welcome to my blog. I am sure that you will find an article to suit your needs as this blog reflects my multi-talented and multi-interest personality.
Some times I’ll rant, at times I’m more structured, less emotional, more objective.

The objective me will provide you with researched articles in wide range of topics including regional integration, politics, the media and international trade, for example. I know about culture too and sports.

On the rant, I will let loose on issues that tick me off; driven by passion, my motor mouth will speed on about child abuse, violence against women and other injustices in this world. At other times, I will calm down as I update my grandparents on changes in Barbados and the rest of the world. Check in the menu  “talks with my grands.”  They are dead but never forgotten.

In Published Me,  you will find a smattering of my work mostly interviews or researched articles that have been published elsewhere. The menu on top of the site page will lead in the right direction.

In all this blog is an invitation:

“Come share my Caribbean; its culture; its economic and social conditions; its West Indian sportsmen and women.
Feel my love for Barbados through my words; my love that transcend Barbadians’ idiosyncrasies; our dull moments and our errors; a love that translates  into pride during our glorious moments; a love that never dulls. A love that no one can turn down under a corn jar.”

Marva Cossy

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